Several Tips to Install Air Conditioners Correctly

For those of you who want to install an air conditioner either together with a professional like the aircon installation singapore or by yourself, here are some of the tips that can help you install the air conditioner correctly:

– Choose an open space to install the air conditioner

Install the air conditioner at least 3.3 feet from a power cable or connecting antenna. Electrical signals from these sources can cause operational disruption to your air conditioner. The walls must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the air conditioning unit. You may need to build wooden or iron frames to provide additional assistance.

– Make a hole in the wall to fit the pipe.

Find the right spot for a hole to the exterior based on the opening in the mounting box. Then, you also need to consider the distance required to reach the unit outside and the length of the pipe. Drill a 3 “(7.5 cm) diameter hole into the wall The hole should incline towards the exterior to assure sufficient drainage. Insert the edge of the pipe into the hole.