How To Drink RO Water Properly

More than 70% of our body parts are water, which accounts for about 600,000 veins and arteries in the blood. 90% brain, 75% heart, 86% lung, kidney 83%, 75% muscle and 90% blood. Blood contains 50% – 60% fluid and 90% of the liquid is pure water. Water in the body serves to provide lubricants in joints and soft tissues, filling all and small holes in the body. Even water can also be used as a health therapy to cure various diseases. water plays a very vital role in the body so we must pay attention to the cleanliness of water from various water pollutants. You can get the best benefit from water by using the best reverse osmosis system, get it on our website right now!

Water functions in the body include:

– Forming new cells, maintaining and replacing damaged cells
– Helps the digestive system, breathing, and metabolism
– Dissolves and carries nutrients, oxygen, and hormones to all the cells in the body in need
– Keeping safe all the organs in the body (heart, kidneys, lungs etc.)
– Stabilize body temperature to avoid interference with internal organs because of heat or cold
– Lubricant for joints
– Dissolves and removes debris and toxins from the body

Given the importance of drinking water, it is time for all of us to maintain and improve our health by not carelessly consume drinking water. The best drinking water today is by processing reverse osmosis system (RO system). The health benefits of drinking water with reverse osmosis system are health therapy. If we diligently do health therapy water for 2 times a day, then our health is much better. The following are the correct procedures for water health therapy. In the morning after waking up, do not eat or drink heavy water (tea, coffee, syrup, juice, alcohol etc), but drink 1.5 liters of pure reverse osmosis drinking water and drink within 15 minutes.